Byoung-Hyoun Hwang

General Stuff

SAS-Code to compute White (1980) standard errors adjusted for clustering along two dimensions written by John McInnis, slightly modified by me.

SAS-Dataset with Link between IBES-Ticker and PERMNO (includes data until the end of 2018) -Screenshot of Dataset

More Specific Stuff

SAS-Code to compute shifts in price-based return comovement around stock splits

As used in Green + Hwang ("Price-Based Return Comovement", Journal of Financial Economics, 2009)

SAS-Code to compute estimates of expected skewness and assess its effect on first-day IPO returns

As used in Green + Hwang ("IPOs as Lotteries: Skewness Preference and First-Day Returns", Management Science, 2012)

STATA-Code to estimate the effect of readability on firm value

As used in Hwang + Kim ("It Pays to Write Well", Journal of Financial Economics, 2017)

List of S&P 1500 CEOs and CFOs with an active personal Twitter account

As used in Chen + Hwang + Liu ("The Emergence of "Social Executives" and its Consequences for Financial Markets", Working Paper)

SAS-Code to obtain short interest data

Please note that prior to June 2003 there is very limited short interest data for NASDAQ firms in COMPUSTAT

SAS-Code to compute discretionary accruals

SAS-Code to generate earnings surprise data and earnings announcement day returns -Screenshot of Dataset